Brunch for the Bees Toolkit

By | Sara E Smith
Staff Attorney

Join the Swarm! Host a brunch for bees in August! Tell Ace & True Value to save brunch and stop selling bee-killing pesticides

Clean water not green water

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

Last year at this time, the toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie caused nearly half a million people in and around Toledo, Ohio, to be without safe drinking water. Clean water from our taps is something that many of us take for granted, but if we don’t protect our water sources — like the residents of Toledo discovered — we won’t be able to take it for granted anymore.

Big coal SUES clean water

By | Luke Metzger

The biggest private coal company in America just sued the Obama administration to stop the most important step for clean water in a decade.

Five different species of sea turtles that nest at Padre Island are now being threatened by offshore oil drilling. Over the past couple of months, mysterious tar balls have been washing up along the Texas coast. These accumulations of crude oil range from only a couple of inches to nearly two feet long, and stretch along thousands of yards of the Texas coastline. The tar is detrimental to the viability of the turtle’s eggs, and even a small amount could prove fatal to the baby turtles within. Padre Island is a very ecologically sensitive area, as it is the only place in Texas where all five species of turtles found in the Gulf of Mexico nest. These tar balls are threatening enough, but what’s truly unsettling is that we have no idea where they’re coming from.