We stopped 20 state parks from closing

After devastating budget cuts in 2011, this spring, the Legislature restored funding for state and local parks. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department had warned that 20 state parks would have to close without additional funds. But after a public outcry—including thousands of petition signatures from Environment Texas members—the Legislature boosted funding by $62 million. That's enough to keep all our state parks open, make critical repairs, replant trees destroyed by wildfire at Bastrop State Park, and to give grants to cities to build new parks, ball fields and playgrounds.

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Who Pays the Costs of Fracking?

Fracking” operations pose a staggering array of threats to our environment and health – contaminating drinking water, harming the health
of nearby residents, marring forests and landscapes, and contributing to global warming. Many of these damages from drilling have significant “dollars and cents” costs.

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News Release | Environment Texas

New Study: Nation’s Energy System Threatened By Global Warming-Related Severe Weather

Austin, TX— The country’s energy system is threatened by severe weather events driven by global warming according to a new study released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Energy. This report builds on numerous other studies that have made it clear that global warming is real, it is already starting to have devastating effects on our communities, and those effects will only grow worse unless we cut emissions of the carbon pollution fueling global warming now.

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State remains lax when it comes to regulating refineries

Environment Texas and Sierra Club are bringing a Clean Air Act lawsuit to force Exxon to do a better job at preventing incidents, a part ofthe TCEQ mission that has been left unfulfilled

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Shell to spend millions to reduce pollution

Shell to spend millions to reduce pollution By Matthew Tresaugue Shell Oil Co. on Wednesday agreed to spend about $160 million to settle legal complaints about chronic pollution problems at its refinery and petrochemical plant along the Houston Ship Channel. Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, said Shell's agreement with the EPA builds on the earlier settlement. "Our goals in filing these suits was first to get Shell and others to stop breaking the law and polluting, but also to press the state and federal government to step up their enforcement of refineries and chemical plants," he said. "We're succeeding on both fronts." Environment Texas and the Sierra Club also have filed a similar suit over emissions at Exxon Mobil's Baytown complex, which includes a refinery and two chemical plants.

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President Obama's Plan to Tackle Global Warming Pollution | Luke Metzger

After several years of record-breaking temperatures, rampant drought and wildfire, and punishing extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy, President Obama unveiled his administration’s plan to confront the challenge of global warming in a speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday, June 25. 

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