Environment Texas
The Dallas Morning News
Luke Metzger

Re: "Plastic bag ban fall of hidden costs- Results show it hurts jobs, shoppers, say H. Sterling Burnett and Pamela Villarreal," Wednesday Viewpoints.

Their argument rests entirely on an industry-funded study, which has already been debunked. Los Angeles County found the study's conclusions were "contradicted by information from reports submitted by stores."

Instead, L. A.'s ban has reduced plastic bag use 94 percent while having minimal financial impact on local businesses. Texas cities with plastic bag restrictions, including Austin, Brownsville and South Padre Island, have had similar results.

The truth is that Dallas uses millions of plastic grocery bags every year. They trash the Trinity River, city parks and streets. And once they get into the city's environment, plastic bags kill small animals, discourage potential investment, and cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up.

Nothing we use for just five minutes should trash Dallas' cityscape.

Luke Metzger, director, Environment Texas, Austin