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Statement on TX lawsuit against clean water

Today, Attorney General Paxton joined the states of Louisiana and Mississippi to file suit against the EPA's new clean water rule.

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Report: Solar energy benefits vastly outweigh costs

SAN ANTONIO–Households and businesses with solar panels deliver greater benefits than they receive through programs like net metering, a report said today, countering increasing complaints from utilities that solar homeowners don’t pay their fair share.

“While some utilities claim they’re subsidizing solar panel owners, our report shows the opposite is probably true,” said Luke Metzger, Director of Environment Texas.  “If anything, utilities should be paying people who go solar more, not less.”

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24 legislators earn 100%, 2 earn 0% on Environment Texas scorecard

AUSTIN –Twenty four legislators earned 100% ratings and two earned scores of 0% this past legislative session, according to Environment Texas’ 2015 Legislative Scorecard.

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Obama administration issues rule to protect wetlands, 75% percent of Texas’ streams

AUSTIN – 75% of Texas’ streams, including those feeding the Colorado River, Trinity River, and Galveston Bay, will gain federal protections under a final rule signed today by top Obama administration officials. The measure restores Clean Water Act safeguards to small streams and headwaters that have been vulnerable to development and pollution for nearly ten years.

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Governor expected to sign “Denton fracking bill”

AUSTIN – Governor Abbott is expected to sign HB 40 today, legislation which restricts local governments from adopting many health and safety protections to limit the worst impacts of oil and gas operations.