Luke Metzger,
Environment Texas

Houston approved 30 mw solar energy contract

For Immediate Release:

HOUSTON - Today the Houston City Council approved a contract for 30 megawatts of solar energy, enough electricity to power 6.7 percent of municipal operations. The twenty year power purchase agreement is the first of its kind for a city in Texas' deregulated electric market and is expected to save Houston approximately $5.3 million while reducing municipal greenhouse gas emissions four percent. The power will come from a solar facility to be built near the west Texas town of Alpine. The contract comes amid a time of unprecedented growth for solar, fueled by low prices and growing public and regulatory demand for cleaner energy. ERCOT projects solar in Texas will grow 51-fold in the next fifteen years.   

Environment Texas Director released the following statement:  

"We applaud Mayor Parker and the Houston Council for going solar. This is a smart decision, saving taxpayers money while reducing pollution and saving money. This kind of leadership puts a shine on the moniker "Energy Capital of the World."