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Environment Texas Applauds Nomination of Gina McCarthy for EPA Adminstrator

“America’s air, water, open spaces and public health will be in good hands with Gina McCarthy. McCarthy's stellar work under two Republican governors as well as her excellent work over the past four years at the EPA is proof that when it comes to protecting our health and environment, it isn't about who you work for or what party you represent. It's about whether you can get the job done. And Gina McCarthy can get the job done. I urge senators to support her nomination so that she can get to work tackling the environmental challenges facing us today.

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Wind Energy: Good for Texas’ Environment. Good for Texas Consumers.

Texas is a world leader in wind energy. Wind energy has brought new jobs, new revenue for land-owners, a cleaner environment, and lower electricity prices to Texas. Texas’ leadership in wind energy is no accident – it is the result of policies such as the state’s Renewable Electricity Standard. Some, however, are now calling for Texas to reverse its commitment to wind energy because wind is making wholesale electricity 
too cheap – reducing the financial incentive to build new power plants.


Local Parks Grants at Risk at TX Legislature

In 2011, the 82nd Texas Legislature suspended funding for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Local Park Grant Programs created

in Chapter 24 Parks and Wildlife Code, that provide matching funds assistance to Texas’ local governments for local

park and recreation acquisition and facility development and outdoor outreach programs. These grants have been

made in the past from dedicated revenues from State sporting goods sales taxes.

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Testimony on SB 4 and the State Water Plan

The drought has underscored that we can’t continue with business as usual when it comes to our water future. As we respond to the drought and plan how to meet our water needs in the years to come, we need to pursue a balanced solution that improves the efficiency of water use and leaves more water in our rivers and aquifers to support the ecosystems that depend on water. It’s important to remember that many of the projects in state water plan have real environmental consequences. The proposed Marvin Nichols reservoir would flood 30,000 acres of increasingly rare bottomland forest. Water diversion from our rivers can decrease freshwater flows into our estuaries, which are breeding grounds for birds and fish. And desalination plants produce massive amounts of waste in the form of brine and are energy intensive, which adds to the strain of our already overburdened electric grid, increasing water consumption and air pollution.

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Reaching for the Sun

Texas has the nation’s greatest potential for solar energy. “Going solar” is a smart solution for Texas—it reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, curbs air pollution, saves water, creates local jobs and keeps money in the local economy. Austin and San Antonio are showing how Texas can expand the use of solar energy and reap the benefits. The electric utilities in San Antonio and Austin have installed four times more solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity than the rest of Texas combined. The solar policies adopted by these cities and their municipal utilities provide a strong example for how the rest of Texas can reach its solar energy potential.