Testimony on water & wastewater in fracking

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

I want to talk about the environmental risks posed by oil and gas wastewater, the opportunity to recycle the wastewater for reuse in the oilfields, and the danger of reusing it for other purposes such as agriculture or discharge into our waterways.

A Day In the Life of an Environmental Advocate

By | Emma Pabst
Environment Texas Associate

On Thursday I hosted a press conference about our new report on illegal air pollution in San Antonio, and I had to wake up at the unholy hour of… 6am. Okay, so, I know I’ve made it through worse, but 6am?! I can barely manage to make breakfast at that hour, let alone pull together the materials for an entire press conference.

Electric cars at the Houston Auto Show

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people attended the Houston Auto Show to see the latest that the automakers have to offer. While the main focus of this year’s auto show was still traditional gas-burning vehicles, attendees were able to test drive plug-in electric models like the 2019 Bolt EV, the Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid, and Nissan’s LEAF. Debuting for the first time were Audi’s e-tron, BMW’s i8 electric convertible, and the Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid. Hyundai’s Kona EV, Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE and the Range Rover plug-in hybrid were also on display. These cleaner, electric, zero-emission vehicles are the future of transportation; that is they must be if we hope to have a livable climate. 

A new wave of legislation against offshore drilling

By | Kelsey Lamp
Protect Our Oceans, Associate

Earlier this month, a group of legislators from both coasts signed onto a wave of eight bills in Congress aimed at blocking the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan.