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51 Environmental Activities Kids Can Do for Earth Day

This Earth Day your family can commemorate the occasion with fun ways to learn about the planet and how to protect it.

Guadalupe River with trees and light shining through branches.
 | by
Anna Farrell-Sherman
Clean Water Associate

We currently live in a state with vulnerable water infrastructure. One in every 10 Texans is at moderate or high risk of riverine flooding each year. More than 780 miles of Texas rivers and streams are unsafe for swimming due to stormwater runoff. Extreme heat claims an estimated 1,300 American lives each year, making it the leading cause of weather related deaths in our country. To protect our communities from these very real dangers we need to embrace nature-based infrastructure as soon as possible. HB 2350 will let our communities do just that. Please call your representitives to vote for HB2350 and when you do, remember the flooding after last season’s hurricanes, the dangerously high summer temperatures, and our beautiful Texas waterways. 

 | by
Luke Metzger
Executive Director

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Join Environment America in counting down to Earth Day with daily activities to celebrate and explore nature.