Three decades later, renewable is doable

By | Rob Sargent
Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy

Commitments to power society with clean energy are accelerating us from 0 to 100 quickly.

Banner legislative session for Texas parks

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

The 86th Session of the Texas Legislature has come and gone and it was a banner session for Texas Parks. The headline of, of course, is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 24 and Senate Bill 26, which paves the way for the constitutional dedication of the Sporting Goods Sales Tax. Texas voters will have the opportunity to vote on the measure this November. Stay tuned for news on how you can support the effort. Because dedicated funds will be vital for future years, I wanted to provide you a deeper dive into how the Parks fared for the next biennium.

Happy Sine Die! On this last day of the 86th session of the Texas Legislature, it appears we'll end up with mixed results for the environment. It could have been worse. Polluters have a lot of power in the #txlege, so it's remarkable what was accomplished. Assuming the Governor signs all the bills, this is my read on the highlights and lowlights of session.

19 days left in the Texas legislature

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

We're down to less than 19 days left in the Legislative session. Here's where we stand.