In Austin, we'd like to see more of the road dedicated to bikes and scooters.

That's why Environment Texas joined Bike Austin, Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Central Texas, Vision Zero ATX, Walk Austin and TexPIRG in sending the Austin City Council a letter urging an increase in Austin’s protected bike and scooter lanes. The extra lanes would help meet demand and decrease conflicts between riders and drivers. The recent IPCC report on the dire need to achieve steep reductions in climate pollution prompted us to act.

“Small, electric-powered, emissions-free vehicles such as e-bikes and scooters are part of Austin’s path forward to a more climate-friendly transportation system and can dramatically extend the range where car-free trips are an attractive and realistic option,” read the letter.

Allocating more room for people to ride instead of drive will reduce our carbon footprint. And it might just make Austin an even better place to live.

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Photo: Bike riders enjoying a protected bike lane in Austin. Credit: Adam Coppola Photography via Flickr