Alliance Launched To Save Bees

Sixty-five chefs, restaurant owners and other culinary leaders joined us to launch the Bee Friendly Food Alliance. Through the Alliance, chefs and restaurateurs are calling attention to the importance of bees to our food supply, the dramatic die-off of bee populations, and the need to protect our pollinators. LEARN MORE.

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Growing Greener

Compact development can deliver tangible benefits for the environment – reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, curbing the flow of polluted runoff into streams and lakes, and protecting natural areas and agricultural lands. By adopting strong policies to mitigate the local impacts of greater density, such as green infrastructure to manage stormwater, Austin can develop in a way that will bring lasting environmental benefits.

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News Release | Environment America

Senate budget sells out our environment, health, and the treasured arctic national wildlife refuge

The Senate just passed their budget resolution for 2018. In response, Jennie Olson at Environment America, issued the following statement: “The Senate budget makes drastic cuts to some of our most vital programs that protect our air, water, and families’ health. In addition, the Senate budget attempts to sell out our public lands to polluters by including instructions to the Senate Natural Resources Committee that would ultimately allow drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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News Release | Environment Texas

Luminant to close two more coal plants

AUSTIN - Just a week after announcing closure of its Monticello coal-fired power planting, Texas electric generator Luminant announced today planned closures of its Big Brown and Sandow coal plants, as well as their Three Oaks coal mine. Those plants have a combined electric capacity of 2,300 megawatts. According to Environment Texas Research and Policy Center's 2013 report America's Dirtiest Power Plants, the Big Brown power plant ranked as the 61st most polluting plant in the U.S., putting out 8.6 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equal to the pollution of 1.79 million cars. 

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News Release

Texas Celebrates 5 Years of Cleaner Cars While Trump Administration Attacks Program

AUSTIN – With the help of a fiddler, balloons, cake, and electric cars, Texas elected officials and community leaders will say “Happy 5th birthday, Clean Car Standards!” on Thursday, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Obama Administration’s Clean Car Standards. These standards aren’t just good for the environment, they’re good for the economy as well: Texas has saved $3 billion since automakers, federal and state governments and other stakeholders agreed upon the rules on October 15, 2012.

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State Climatologist Blames Harvey Intensity on Global Warming

If you asked me five years ago, a conference hosted by the energy industry is exactly where I’d go to hear the findings of climate change skeptics. The Gulf Coast Power Association is an energy group with a diverse list of members from Shell to SolarCity. At their fall conference in Austin earlier this month, Texas A&M climatologist John Neilsen-Gammon presented on Hurricane Harvey’s record-breaking rainfall. His big takeaway: It’s time to blame climate change. 

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