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Legislators, advocates decry do-nothing flaring proposal

Saying proposed changes to state flaring regulations will do little to curb pollution, a group of legislators and advocates called on the state’s oil and gas regulator to go back to the drawing board and develop a plan to end routine flaring. Even as the Commissioners took up  the modest proposal at this morning’s Railroad Commission open meeting, Commissioners were expected to approve another 59 “exceptions” on their consent agenda allowing oil and gas operators to be able to flare and vent.


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Environmental Groups File Federal Lawsuit Over Air Pollution from Industrial Flares

A coalition of ten environmental organizations today sued the Trump Administration’s EPA over its failure reduce toxic air pollution from industrial flares at petrochemical plants, gas processing facilities, municipal solid waste landfills, and other large industrial sites.

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Statement: Trump administration opens new areas to logging in the Tongass National Forest

"Damaging the Tongass in this way is like demolishing a log cabin for kindling to toast marshmallows -- it’s a shockingly short-sighted decision that trades something permanent and wondrous for something of fleeting value." 

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Pres. Trump challenged about Texas pollution in debate

AUSTIN, Texas -  During Thursday’s presidential debate, moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News asked President Donald Trump about information recently detailed in an Environment Texas Research and Policy Center report showing illegal air pollution in Texas has risen 155 percent since 2015. The report pointed to lax Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforcement and environmental rollbacks as contributing to the increase.

News Release | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Longtime wind leader Texas ranks just 11th nationally for percentage of renewables

AUSTIN - Texas has long led the nation in total wind power capacity, but with 21.9% of total electricity sales coming from renewable energy, Texas ranks just 11th in the nation for its percentage of renewables, according to a new study by the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas and North Dakota all had more than 45% renewable power in 2019.