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Proposed Bush Administration Toxics Rule Lets Polluters Off the Hook

A new TexPIRG analysis of a proposed Bush administration rule reveals that residents of Texas would lose valuable information about the amounts and type of harmful chemicals discharged by industrial facilities in their neighborhoods if the rule is finalized.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson proposed changes to the Toxics Release Inventory Program (TRI) in October 2005 that would significantly decrease the information that the public and state and local officials have about harmful chemicals released into Texas’ water, air, and land.

“On the anniversary of the deadliest chemical accident in history in Bhopal, India, Administrator Johnson wants to help corporate polluters hide toxic pollution,” stated TexPIRG Advocate Metzger. “The Bush Administration’s proposal puts corporations first and communities last.”

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New Analysis: Government Data Show El Paso, Laredo Water Availability Threatened By Global Warming

A new analysis of government data released today by the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) found for the first time that the West’s major river basins are getting warmer, at exactly the time of year water needs to be stored as snow to meet the region's water needs. The report finds trends that go beyond occasional or seasonal drought, showing a steadily declining snowpack in the Mountains which could mean a shortage of water flowing into rivers and communities.

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With Energy Prices Rising in the Aftermath of Katrina and Federal Government Failing to Act, Citizens and State Governments Must Step In to Reduce Oil Consumption

As the fallout from Hurricane Katrina ratchets up what were already rapidly-rising oil prices, the Texas Public Interest Research Groups (TexPIRG) and other state PIRGs called on local and state officials across the country to fill the void left by the appalling lack of federal action to address America’s over-dependence on oil.

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Texas Legislature Boosts State's Renewable Energy Goal

The Texas House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that will double the goal for the amount of wind power, solar power and other forms of renewable energy in the state's energy mix.

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With Oil Derrick Looming, Texans Make the Case to Keep Arctic Refuge, Padre Island Free from Real Drilling

Standing in front of a model 20-foot high oil derrick set up at the shores of Town Lake in Austin today, members of the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) spoke out in opposition to oil and gas drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge and defeat the Bush administration’s energy bill—provisions that are likely to set a precedent for drilling in public lands across America—including Padre Island National Seashore.