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Congress Votes For a New Energy Future

Today the House of Representatives voted 241 to 172 to pass "The New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act" (H.R. 3221), including an amendment to establish a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES). The passage of the RES along with the package of legislation included in H.R. 3221 will make significant steps toward a cleaner and more secure energy future for the United States.

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Environment Texas, Wind Industry Praise Rep. Rodriguez for Renewable Energy Amendment

Environment Texas and the American Wind Energy Association praised the introduction today of an amendment joint-authored by Congressman Ciro Rodriguez that would require utilities to generate 15% of their electricity from clean, renewable sources like wind and solar power by the year 2020. The measure is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives tomorrow, with Rep. Rodriguez’s new support widely seen as critical to delivering a block of votes crucial to the amendment’s passage.

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Senators Cornyn and Hutchison Block Oil-Saving Clean Energy Tax Incentives

Environment Texas rebuked Texas Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison for their votes today blocking consideration by the Senate of a package of tax incentives for clean energy.

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Beach Warnings Increase in Texas

As millions of Americans flock to beaches around the country, Environment Texas reported that beach closings and warnings due to pollution went up last year in Texas, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council’s 18th annual beach water quality report.  The group called for increased federal funding and faster testing for beachwater pollution and decried efforts to open protected coastlines to offshore drilling. 

Using data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the report, Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches, tallied 532 beach closing and health advisory days in 2007 in Texas, an eleven percent jump from the year before. In Texas, 49 percent of the closing and advisory days were caused by high bacteria levels resulting from storm water run-off. Another 49 per cent were high bacteria levels from unknown sources.

“Some families can’t enjoy a day at the beach because the water is polluted and kids are getting sick,” said Brittany Ballard, Citizen Outreach Director for Environment Texas. “Texas beachgoers should not be swimming in human and animal waste.”

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Texas Must Not Let Nuclear, Coal Power Take Priority on State's Renewable Energy Transmission Lines

The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUCT) should not give nuclear plants or “clean” coal plants priority on the “new renewable energy superhighways” as part of its decision on the state’s competitive renewable energy zones (CREZ), according to a coalition of consumer and environmental groups in a petition filed today with the commission.