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Historic U.S. House Energy Bill Fuels Momentum for Action

A major draft bill released today by Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Energy & Environment Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA) sets the stage for Congress to pass historic energy and global warming legislation, according to Environment Texas.

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Environment Texas Denounces EPA Smog, Clean Air Act Announcements

The Bush EPA yesterday announced a flawed new national air quality standard for ozone “smog” and called for sweeping changes to the Clean Air Act that threaten to fundamentally weaken one of the nation’s most important environmental laws, according to Environment Texas.

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Everything's Bigger in Texas, Including Solar

AUSTIN - Today the Austin City Council approved a contract to build a thirty megawatt utility scale solar plant, which would be the largest photovoltaic installation in the United States. Local advocates praised the decision as a major step towards making Texas a world solar leader.

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Broad Coalition of Groups Calls on TxDOT to Not Use Stimulus Funds to Build New Roads and Highways

A diverse group of anti toll-road activists, environmentalists, and public transportation activists from across Texas converged at the State Capitol to demand that Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) halt a plan to approve $1.7 billion in new highways without providing proper public review. The groups call on TxDOT, which is poised to approve the stimulus funding at their meeting on Thursday, to slow down and make sure that these transportation dollars are spent wisely.

“We should use this money to put Texans back to work, but we should be careful to spend it in a way that is consistent with Texan’s priorities. TxDOT is trying to rush through bad projects without a proper vetting process with the public,” said Alejandro Savransky, Environment Texas Field Organizer.

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Some Stimulus Dollars Require Texas Adoption of Efficient Building Codes

At least $200 million in federal funding for energy efficiency measures in Texas hinges on the state adopting the latest building codes for energy efficiency, according to an analysis by Environment Texas of the economic recovery package recently signed in to law by President Obama. The building codes would require home builders to improve the minimum efficiency of new residences by approximately fifteen percent.