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San Antonio Ranked 4th in Nation for Excessive Heat Days in 2006

San Antonio ranked 4th in the nation for cities with excessive heat days last summer, according to a new report released today by Environment Texas.  Environment Texas said the warmer-than-normal weather last summer and flooding this summer is indicative of what Texas can expect with continued global warming.

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National Renewable Electricity Standard Would Creat Jobs, Save Consumers Billions, Cut Millions Of Tons of Pollution

A national renewable electricity standard requiring utilities to increase their use of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources would generate 17,630 new jobs in Texas, lower electric and natural gas bills, and slash global warming pollution, according to a new Union of Concerned Scientists analysis released today by Environment Texas. UCS examined the impact of a proposed national standard on the nation as a whole and on 20 states, including Texas.

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Environment Texas Displays Hundreds of Pinwheels in Hermann Park

Standing before hundreds of pinwheels spread out in Hermann Park, Environment Texas today highlighted the potential and support for renewable energy in the state. Hundreds of pinwheels were displayed to represent the potential for wind energy to power the city of Houston.  Health Professionals for Clean Air, The Houston Citizens Environment Coalition, and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office also joined Environment Texas for an event calling on Congress to establish a national Renewable Electricity Standard requiring that utilities generate 20% of their electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2020, an issue that will be debated in the House and Senate this month.

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Environment Texas Applauds Congressman Doggett for 100% Voting Record on Environment

Representative Lloyd Doggett of Austin voted for the environment 100% of the time in the 109th Congress, according to the annual Congressional Scorecard on major environmental issues released today by Environment Texas. 

"Congressman Doggett has again and again put the environment ahead of special interests.  In the 109th Congress he successfully fought efforts to expand off-shore oil drilling, defended protections for endangered species like the polar bear and the recently recovered bald eagle, and worked to make polluters pay to clean up contaminated groundwater," said Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger. "These scorecards are an important tool to educate the public about the voting records of their elected officials and to honor public officials like this that have a record of putting the environment first."

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Good Results for Environment in 80th Legislature

The 80th session drew to a close with a number of important victories on parks, renewable energy and energy efficiency, water and electronic waste. "All in all, it was a pretty good session for the environment," said Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger. "Parks funding was tripled, energy efficiency was doubled, new protections for rivers and streams were established, and computer manufacturers are now required to recycle electronic waste. These victories are the result of many years of work by Texas' environmental community and we can all be proud of the progress made this session."

The Legislature did take some steps backwards, by creating new incentives for coal and nuclear plants and by supporting the creation of reservoirs that could wipe out critical natural areas. They also had a number of missed opportunities, failing to take action to stop or limit the "coal rush", to curb global warming pollution, or to create incentives for solar or biomass power.