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With Oil Derrick Looming, Texans Make the Case to Keep Arctic Refuge, Padre Island Free from Real Drilling

Standing in front of a model 20-foot high oil derrick set up at the shores of Town Lake in Austin today, members of the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) spoke out in opposition to oil and gas drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge and defeat the Bush administration’s energy bill—provisions that are likely to set a precedent for drilling in public lands across America—including Padre Island National Seashore.

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White House Responds to Oceans Commission -Ocean Conservationists Cautiously Optimistic

President Bush responded to the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy's (USCOP) report today by signing an executive order to establish a cabinet-level Committee on Ocean Policy. Environment Texas, the new home of TexPIRG's environmental work, commends the White House for recognizing that our oceans are in crisis.

The creation of a cabinet-level body to coordinate the management of our oceans sounds promising, and we remain cautiously optimistic about the initiative the administration seems to be taking on this issue. But the devil is in the details, and we urge the administration to ensure that the guiding principles of the Committee on Ocean Policy are to protect, restore and conserve our oceans and coasts

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Ocean Report to President - Administration Must Act Now to Save Our Oceans

Today, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy (USCOP) delivered its final report and recommendations for a coordinated and comprehensive national ocean policy to President Bush. Mandated by Congress in the Oceans Act of 2000, and appointed by the President himself, the Commission's take home message is undeniable - our oceans are in deep trouble. The Bush administration now has 90 days to respond and make policy recommendations to Congress.

While those who recognize the fragility of marine ecosystems applaud most of the USCOP's recommendations, it is unclear that the Bush administration will make oceans the priority it should. Environment Texas, the new home of TexPIRG's environmental work, urges the Administration to heed the alarm bells sounded by the Commission. The Bush administration should act on this historic opportunity to shift course and take action to protect and conserve our precious and valuable oceans.

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New Study Links Power Plant Pollution To More Than 300 Houston Heart Attacks, 200 Houston Deaths Per Year

Pollution from coal-fired power plants causes 6,915 asthma attacks, 334 non-fatal heart attacks, and 203 premature deaths each year in Houston, according to a new Clear the Air report released today by the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG). Nationally, power plant pollution cuts short nearly 24,000 lives, including 2,800 from lung cancer, and causes 38,200 heart attacks each year.

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Mandatory Fines Proven Clean Water Enforcement Tool

Use of mandatory minimum penalties for clean water enforcement in New Jersey led to a 76 percent drop in violations, according to a report released by the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG). The report comes just days after the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) announced it was considering use of such penalties in its own enforcement program.