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Environment Texas Releases 2007 Legislative Scorecard

One senator and seven representatives voted to protect the environment 100% of the time in the 80th Legislature, according to Environment Texas’  biennial legislative scorecard.  The scorecard tracks votes on a range of votes affecting the state’s air, water, natural areas, and quality of life.

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Global Warming to Increase Heat-Related Deaths in Houston

The death toll from extreme heat in Houston each summer will increase from about 24 to nearly 32, resulting in 192 additional heat-related deaths by mid-century as global warming drives up summertime temperatures, according to a new report released by Environment Texas and conducted by Applied Climatologists, Inc. experts Dr. Laurence Kalkstein of the University of Miami and Dr. Scott Greene of the University of Oklahoma.

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San Antonio Ranked 4th in Nation for Excessive Heat Days in 2006

San Antonio ranked 4th in the nation for cities with excessive heat days last summer, according to a new report released today by Environment Texas.  Environment Texas said the warmer-than-normal weather last summer and flooding this summer is indicative of what Texas can expect with continued global warming.

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National Renewable Electricity Standard Would Creat Jobs, Save Consumers Billions, Cut Millions Of Tons of Pollution

A national renewable electricity standard requiring utilities to increase their use of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources would generate 17,630 new jobs in Texas, lower electric and natural gas bills, and slash global warming pollution, according to a new Union of Concerned Scientists analysis released today by Environment Texas. UCS examined the impact of a proposed national standard on the nation as a whole and on 20 states, including Texas.

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Environment Texas Displays Hundreds of Pinwheels in Hermann Park

Standing before hundreds of pinwheels spread out in Hermann Park, Environment Texas today highlighted the potential and support for renewable energy in the state. Hundreds of pinwheels were displayed to represent the potential for wind energy to power the city of Houston.  Health Professionals for Clean Air, The Houston Citizens Environment Coalition, and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office also joined Environment Texas for an event calling on Congress to establish a national Renewable Electricity Standard requiring that utilities generate 20% of their electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2020, an issue that will be debated in the House and Senate this month.