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Environmental groups support METRO’s Proposition A as opportunity to invest in clean air, public transit

HOUSTON--A coalition of environmentalists and civic leaders will announce support today for METRO’s Proposition A and METRONext plan. Environment Texas will release a new analysis highlighting the environmental benefits of METRONext.

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Environment Texas praises Houston electric vehicle goal

HOUSTON — The city of Houston and corporate partners announced today a roadmap to increase electric vehicle sales to 30% of all new car sales by 2030. The plan will aim to increase awareness about, affordability of, and the availability of electric transportation in Houston over the next decade.

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EPA’s proposed lead rule fails to ensure safe drinking water

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long-awaited proposal to update to the federal Lead and Copper Rule. As proposed, EPA’s long-awaited update to the Lead and Copper Rule falls far short of the decisive action needed to “get the lead out” of our drinking water. And in a few critical provisions, the proposed rule could even take us backwards.  

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A&M Faculty Speak Out About Global Warming Pollution

AUSTIN - More than 50 faculty members of the Texas A&M University System sent a letter to Chancellor John Sharp today urging him to work to reduce global warming pollution from oil and gas operations on two million acres of land administered by the Texas A&M University and University of Texas Systems. The letter states that “in 2017, emissions from University Lands were eighteen times more than that of the Texas A&M campus.”

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State parks supporters to launch 7 city, 13 park tour to promote Prop 5

AUSTIN - Environment Texas today announced a statewide tour to build public support for Proposition 5, a constitutional amendment on the ballot November 5, which would guarantee sales taxes on sporting goods go to fund state and local parks. The group will visit 13 different state parks and hold events in seven cities to encourage Texans to help make sure parks are properly funded.