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Statement: Rep. Escobar’s bill to create new monument would protect more nature

Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas introduced the Castner Range National Monument Act (H.R. 2752) on Thursday. If it passes, the bill will designate the Castner Range as a national monument. This area is a 7,081-acre former Army artillery facility east of El Paso in the Franklin Mountains.

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House panel backs tougher fines against polluters

AUSTIN - A Texas House committee on Friday advanced legislation that, if passed, could increase penalties and establish new ones for illegal releases of air pollution for the first time in a decade. House Bill 1820 could help the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality hold corporate polluters accountable by increasing the maximum available fine from $25,000 per day to $50,000 per day. The bill also would triple the penalty if a chemical release injures an emergency responder

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Biden to commit to major emissions reductions in sweeping climate announcement

WASHINGTON -- According to reports ahead of a global climate summit in Washington, President Joe Biden will announce Thursday that the United States will reduce global warming emissions 50 percent by 2030 as part of America’s commitments under the newly rejoined Paris climate accords. This nearly doubles the target agreed to in 2015 by the Obama administration. The reductions will hinge on an accelerated transition to carbon-free electricity and the phase out of gas-powered vehicles.

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New roadmap points the way for Texas cities on electric vehicles

AUSTIN - With growing recognition that fossil fuels are simply too damaging to our climate, our health and our environment, many Texas cities are adopting policies to get more electric vehicles on the road. Now a new toolkit outlines best practices from EV communities around Texas and provides examples for other local governments to follow.   

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Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is a big win for nature in Texas

AUSTIN - Reps. Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican from Nebraska, and Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, introduced the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act on Thursday. The bill earmarks $1.397 billion annually for state fish and wildlife agencies, as well as $97.5 million to tribes, to carry out wildlife conservation efforts such as identifying and protecting pockets of Texas horned lizard habitat. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, which would receive approximately $57 million per year under the legislation, has identified 1,284 species in need of conservation measures, including Whooping Cranes and Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles.