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ConocoPhillips Drops Request for Oil and Gas Flaring in West Texas After Challenge from Clean Air Groups

"Flaring pollutes our air, warms our climate, and puts our health at risk. Giant balls of fire in the sky should not be a part of business as usual," said Emma Pabst, Global Warming Solutions Advocate with  Environment Texas.

News Release | Environment Texas

Texas Regulators to Approve 11 New Flaring and Venting Permits

AUSTIN -- The Railroad Commission of Texas is set to approve 11 new permits to vent and flare gas today. The permits, which appear on the consent agenda for their September 1 meeting, come amid calls from environmentalists to end routine flaring and venting by 2025. 

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A Cleaner Path for Oil in Texas

The global oil price war, demand reductions resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, and the industry’s mountain of debt have left Texas oil and gas companies in crisis. But even before the crisis, oil and gas drilling in Texas posed dangers to the environment and public health. Any response to the current crisis by the Railroad Commission (RRC) and other state leaders should recognize the underlying risks created by oil and gas production and move toward correcting them.

News Release | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Environment Texas Research & Policy Center calls for moratorium on oil infrastructure

AUSTIN -- As the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) prepares to hear from Chairman Wayne Christian’s Blue Ribbon Task Force for Oil Economic Recovery next Tuesday, June 16, Environment Texas Research and Policy Center has released a new report urging the RRC to address environmental damage from oil and gas production and to pause construction of new oil and gas infrastructure. 

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Houston backs electric vehicles in climate plan

“We applaud the city's commitment to electric vehicles, including 100% electric vehicles for its own fleet, partnering with METRO to electrify buses, and working to make 30% of new car purchases in Houston electric by 2030. The coronavirus crisis shows us that clean air is possible without so many polluting cars on the road. We don’t have to settle for dirty air again when life returns to normal.”

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Railroad Commission gives out 16 licenses to pollute

“I know we’re all getting used to Zoom, but were the Commissioners watching some other hearing last week?” asked Emma Pabst, Global Warming Solutions Associate with Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. “The proration hearing made strikingly clear that industry and environmentalists are united in calling for flaring cuts. Yet, the Commission voted to give out 16 more licenses to pollute today. It just doesn’t make any sense.” 

Testimony before Railroad Commission on flaring

By | Emma Pabst
Global Warming Solutions Advocate

We support curtailing oil production and urge you to prioritize production cuts for producers and fields with the worst records of excessive flaring. In implementing proration, the RRC has a unique opportunity to make a difference for public health and the environment in Texas by using waste from excessive flaring as a metric for allocating production.

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Environment Texas Urges the Railroad Commission of Texas to Order Production Cuts

Emma Pabst, Global Warming Solutions Associate with Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, will today deliver the following testimony to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC): “I urge you to use the power granted to you by the great state of Texas in order to issue statewide production cuts, prorating cuts to companies with the worst rates of flaring. Such a step will help stabilize the market, while significantly reducing the damage from flaring.” 

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New Study Warns Oil and Gas Boom could Drastically Increase Greenhouse Gas Pollution

“From wildfires in Australia to extreme flooding during Hurricane Harvey, this report adds to a mounting pile of evidence that we need to move aggressively to eliminate our dependence on oil and gas,” said Emma Pabst, Global Warming Associate with Environment Texas. “Instead, Texas is embarking on a fool's errand, building infrastructure that will lock us into decades of polluting fossil fuels, and impairing our ability to achieve what our climate reality requires.”