2019: A year of results for Texas' environment

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

I'm proud of the work my team at Environment Texas did this year to protect Texas’ wild places, protect air and water quality, fight global warming and move to a 100% clean economy and more. Here are some of the highlights:

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Letter to Railroad Commission on flaring and venting

We, the undersigned, write to express our deep disappointment in your unanimous decision at your October 22, 2019 meeting to continue the Commission practice of routinely issuing flaring exceptions. This practice encourages gross waste, significant harm to the environment and public health, and contravenes historic Commission precedent to prohibit flaring and venting.

Testimony to EPA on proposed rollback of methane pollution standards

By | Emma Pabst
Global Warming Solutions Advocate

Looking at this proposed policy amendment and its effects, I come to one definitive conclusion: deregulation is dangerous. Deregulation will undermine the strength and spirit of the Clean Air Act. Deregulation will damage vital efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions. Deregulation will dump tens of thousands of tons of methane and hazardous pollutants into the air we breathe; and deregulation will deny young and old alike of a state of health and environment they can never get back. 

News Release | Environment Texas

Environmental groups support METRO’s Proposition A as opportunity to invest in clean air, public transit

HOUSTON--A coalition of environmentalists and civic leaders will announce support today for METRO’s Proposition A and METRONext plan. Environment Texas will release a new analysis highlighting the environmental benefits of METRONext.

News Release | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Environment Texas praises Houston electric vehicle goal

HOUSTON — The city of Houston and corporate partners announced today a roadmap to increase electric vehicle sales to 30% of all new car sales by 2030. The plan will aim to increase awareness about, affordability of, and the availability of electric transportation in Houston over the next decade.

Environment Texas joins Transit For Austin coalition

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

A week and a half ago hundreds of Austin students walked out of school to join with millions of people across the planet to demand urgent action to tackle the climate crisis and help preserve a livable planet for their futures. We must heed their call. Transportation is this country’s number one source of climate change pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles surpasses every other source. We can’t solve global warming without changing how Americans get around.

News Release | Environment Texas

Environment Texas releases scorecard, calls legislative session a “net positive”

AUSTIN - Ten legislators earned perfect scores on Environment Texas’ biennial scorecard, following a legislative session the group called a “net positive” for the environment. The group heralded victories on air quality, parks and renewable energy, while pointing out losses on water quality and environmental enforcement.  

Happy Sine Die! On this last day of the 86th session of the Texas Legislature, it appears we'll end up with mixed results for the environment. It could have been worse. Polluters have a lot of power in the #txlege, so it's remarkable what was accomplished. Assuming the Governor signs all the bills, this is my read on the highlights and lowlights of session.

19 days left in the Texas legislature

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

We're down to less than 19 days left in the Legislative session. Here's where we stand.