Environment Texas' Extreme Weather Map

Our new interactive extreme weather map shows weather-related disasters in the United States over the last five years and tells the stories of the people and communities who have endured some of those disasters and other extreme weather events.  

Hover over your county to see a tally of weather-related disasters since 2010 and c
lick on the icons to read personal stories from people affected by extreme weather.

Every year, weather-related disasters injure or kill hundreds of Americans and cause billions of dollars in damage. Many of the risks posed by extreme weather will likely increase in a warming world. Scientists have already noted increases in extreme precipitation and heat waves as global warming raises temperatures and exacerbates weather extremes.

The stories shared on the map show how global warming is affecting our lives as individuals. The negative affects of global warming are felt differently by different people, depending their age, health and circumstances. For some, record heat can be life-threatening, while large snow storms can leave others trapped inside.

To protect America from a future of even more extreme weather, the United States must reduce global warming pollution now. 
Our stories combined have the power to create a national snapshot of global warming’s devastating impact. Share your story and join the call for change.

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Map design done by ZevRoss Spatial Analysis
Data analysis done by Frontier Group