Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Climate Solutions from Day One

Governors have extensive power to reduce carbon pollution and put their states on a path to clean energy – often with just a stroke of the pen. Over the last decade, governors have adopted sweeping emission reduction goals, accelerated the transition to clean energy, forged regional agreements to tackle climate change, and appointed leaders of state agencies empowered to implement policies to reduce pollution in buildings, at electric utilities, in transportation and throughout the economy.

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Letter from climate scientists to Gov. Abbott

At a press conference last month to discuss a new report on the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, a reporter asked you whether man-made climate change has played a role in Texas' weather disasters. You replied that it would be impossible for you to say, as you are not a scientist.  We, the undersigned, are climate scientists and experts, and can report to you that climate change is happening, it is primarily caused by humans, and it is having a devastating impact on Texas, including increasing deadly flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey.  

Report | Environment Texas

Environmental concerns on Oak Hill Parkway

Our organizations share a collective concern about the Oak Hill Parkway project(US 290/ SH 71). We recognize and applaud recent efforts of the City of Austin and TxDOT to collaborate on this project, but also recognize that there is more to be done for the construction plan to be acceptable. We urge CAMPO to postpone voting on the TIP amendment for this project until after the Austin City Council has had an opportunity to discuss and vote on its MOU with TxDOT. This letter details some remaining concerns about the project and additional features that may be added to that agreement. Given our serious concerns about the project design itself, we also ask that your agencies evaluate the “Livable Oak Hill” alternative.

Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Solar Homes

America has a bold opportunity to speed the transition to a clean energy future by requiring solar power on new homes. Rooftop solar panels save homeowners money – even more so when they are installed during construction.1 Including this common-sense technology on all new homes would help the nation to build an electric grid that’s cleaner, more beneficial for consumers, and more resilient.