San Antonio businesses back climate plan

Released by: Environment Texas

April 25, 2019


City of San Antonio

Office of the Mayor

P.O. Box 839966

San Antonio, TX 78283


Cc: San Antonio City Council

Doug Melnick, Office of Sustainability

Dear Mayor Nirenberg,

We, the undersigned local businesses, write to express our support for the adoption of a bold, ambitious Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) for the City of San Antonio.

We applaud the city for laying out a vision for achieving 100 percent renewable, carbon-neutral energy by 2050 in the current draft plan, SA Climate Ready: A Pathway For Climate Action & Adaptation. San Antonio needs ambitious goals that match the scale of the environmental challenges our community faces. Ensuring a healthy community and liveable climate for generations to come starts with a commitment to leaving dirty energy behind, and instead powering every aspect of our lives with clean, renewable energy. By adopting the plan’s commitment to achieving 100 percent renewable energy, our city will join over 100 others nationwide in setting bold commitments to clean, renewable energy.

San Antonio’s business community faces great risks due to climate change. As the draft plan currently describes, climate change means “higher energy bills, reduced opportunity to work or play outside, more frequent water restrictions, impacts on supply chains, property damage and less productivity.” Adopting a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy will protect our businesses and the contributions we make to our city’s health and prosperity.

We also support the City in implementing the full range of policies and programs needed to achieve its clean energy vision, from initiatives and incentive programs to expand local distributed and utility-scale solar energy capacity, to cutting edge building efficiency codes, to efforts to power municipal operations with clean energy. Such policies and programs will not only help residents access renewable energy, but will help our businesses benefit from the clean energy and bill savings renewable sources like solar have to offer.

San Antonio is ready for a swift and steady shift to clean, renewable energy. Adopting a bold, ambitious CAAP and vision for achieving 100 percent renewable energy will not only set that transition in motion, but it will also contribute to the strong local economy, vibrant community, and healthy environment upon which our business rely.


Ted Allen

Period Modern

4347 McCullough Ave

San Antonio, TX 78212

James Hiebert

South Texas Solar Systems, Inc.

10203 Kotzebue St #224

San Antonio, TX 78217

Manny Carral

Revolucion Coffee

7959 Broadway St #500

San Antonio, TX 78209

Josh Biffle

South Alamode

1420 S Alamo St.

San Antonio, TX 78210

José Ramón Campos

Commonwealth Coffeehouse & Bakery

118 Davis Ct

San Antonio, TX 78209

In The Weeds Natural Skin Care

2003 S. Zarzamora

San Antonio, Texas

Diego Galicia


5251 McCullough Ave

San Antonio, TX 78212

Rene Fernández

Azúca Sabor Latino Restaurant & Bar

709 South Alamo

San Antonio, TX 78205

Abby Johnson

5 Points Local

1017 N Flores St

San Antonio, TX 78212

Sean Wen

Pinch Boil House

124 N Main Ave

San Antonio, TX 78205

Marissa Hoover

Maverick Texas Brasserie

710 S St Mary's St

San Antonio, TX 78205

Chef Paul Sartory and Peggy Howe

Outlaw Kitchens

2919 N Flores

San Antonio, TX 78212

Andrea A. Aguirre

The Art of Donut

3428 N St Mary's St

San Antonio, TX 78212

Andrea A. Aguirre

The Juice Experiment

3438 N St Mary's St

San Antonio, TX 78212

Robert Miggins

Go Smart Solar

110 E Houston St 7th floor

San Antonio, TX 78205

Luis Martinez

Honchos - The House of Churros

6421 Broadway St, 78209

David Snyder - Owner

Bella on Houston

204 E. Houston Street

San Antonio, TX 78205

Christopher Brown

What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters

138 West Rhapsody Drive

San Antonio, TX 78216

Kam Mehta

Berry to Bean Coffee House

3900 Broadway St

San Antonio, TX 78209

Andrew Savage

Vice President, Sustainability


831 S Laredo St.

San Antonio, TX 78204