2020 House Natural Resources Interim Charge Two Comments

Last updated: 9/28/2020

The Texas House Natural Resource Committee asked for comments on the following charge:

Interim Charge 2: Study the efforts of the TCEQ, the TWDB, and the Public Utility Commission of Texas to incentivize, promote, and preserve regional projects to meet water supply needs and encourage public and private investment in water infrastructure. Identify impediments or threats to regionalization with special emphasis on: 

  • Prioritization in planning and implementing the State Water Plan, Regional Water Plan, and other recommended water supply projects;
  • Barriers to private investment and the development of public-private partnerships to implement needed water supply projects, including the retail water and wastewater industry, to address the state's growth challenges;
  • Public water and wastewater systems that are unable to meet federal and state standards due to inadequate operational capacity and factors that prevent such systems from being integrated into larger systems and processes that more easily facilitate the sale, transfer, or merger of systems;
  • State agency authority to regulate regional water supply pricing.

 Environment Texas advocated in this letter for more Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) funding to go to nature-based infrastructure like rain gardens, bioswales, and managed wetlands.

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